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"A perfect mix of expertise and compassion"

It is such a relief to have such a perfect mix of expertise and compassion from Nancy as she helps us navigate the delicate business of estate planning.
JEN L., Napa, California

"Working with Nancy and her team allowed us to grieve without adding stress...to an already difficult time."

Nancy is absolutely amazing. It was such a difficult time taking care of things after our relative passed away. We came from out of state and did not know how to proceed or where to begin. Nancy and her team went above and beyond throughout the entire probate process. Her recommendations, guidance, professionalism, and quick response time helped immensely. We were able to meet with her right away and take care of the majority of items via email and a few phone calls. Working with Nancy and her team allowed us to grieve without adding stress of the legalities to an already difficult time.

"Nancy Rose definitely helped put me at ease."

Not enough stars to describe my overwhelming gratitude. After my mother died, all the legal formalities stressed me out and I was overwhelmed. Nancy Rose definitely helped put me at ease. Sincerity is of highest importance to me and Nancy has proven her sincerity and her professional savvy. With all said, in my personal opinion, her finest quality is her ease of availability. I feel like I can contact her at any time and I reach her directly.
– DION MONTERO, Napa, California

"I really needed a lawyer who was on my side."

I was fortunate to find Nancy to take my probate case from 2 previous lawyers who were horrible and had little to zero knowledge of probate. I lost thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and gained two and half years of anxiety and stress before I finally found Nancy. Nancy expertly undertook my probate case battling with my nefarious relatives who had made false accusations and claims against me just for their financial gain after my father's passing. I really needed a lawyer who was on my side, understood my situation and could really fight for me. I found all these qualities in Nancy and I'm so thankful and blessed that I stumbled upon her advertisement on avvo.com and gave her a call. She was the kind of probate lawyer I needed from the beginning. She was always available to answer my questions, she thoroughly explained documents or anything about the case that I didn't understand, she swiftly brought my case to a close and most of all she was kind and never condescending. If you're looking for a great lawyer to work with, I highly recommend giving Nancy a call. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and how she handled everything.

"She is extremely professional in a very down to earth way."

Nancy Rose is a wonderful attorney. Her knowledge and help in creating a Living Trust for our family was invaluable. She is extremely professional in a very down to earth way. She turns legalese into English so that we all could understand. And many thanks for her patient staff. Gabe definitely kept me on track with gentle reminders and assurances. Many thanks to Nancy Rose Law!

"I recommend her without any doubts."

I am so glad I stopped procrastinating and had Nancy Rose do my estate plan. From start to finish, she was responsive, thorough, and compassionate. Honestly, she is the best explainer of a complicated issue, and walked me through every step of the way, making it a painless process for me. She quoted me a flat fee, which made me know I could ask as many questions as I wanted. I recommend her without any doubts.
KAREN R., San Francisco, California

"You couldn't ask for a better estate attorney!"

Nancy Rose Law has helped many of my investment advisory clients and my own family in navigating the complex issues associated with estate planning. Ms. Rose is thoughtful, empathetic, and detail oriented. You couldn't ask for a better estate attorney!
– SCOTT SCHWARTZ, Redwood City, California

"It was easy and actually enjoyable..."

Had Nancy do my estate planning and I couldn't be happier. It was easy and actually enjoyable because of Nancy and her fantastic assistant, Gabe. I recommend them highly

"She asked all the right questions without being pushy"

We hired Ms. Rose to do our Living Trust. She asked all the right questions without being pushy. She got everything done in a timely manner and was very thorough.

"I highly recommend Nancy Rose"

Nancy made is so easy for me. We reconnected before the death of my husband. She was then by my side, after he passed, supporting me thru legal & financial decisions, as a friend, lawyer and accountant. She supported me in moving forward immediately with my own will & a family trust. Nancy made it so easy for me. Her knowledge of the process and ability to relate on my level was what I needed at that time. Since then she has kept me up to date in changes in the law that relate to me. I highly recommend Nancy Rose for your legal needs!
– JILL B., Napa, California

"Easy to understand and respectful"

Nancy was wonderful to work with. She explained the process in the right amount of detail. She was easy to understand and respectful. She kept my attention which is saying a lot for me. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is putting together a trust.
- CYNTHIA KIRK, Napa, California

"I would recommend Nancy to anyone"

She understands the challenges her clients face with legal problems/decisions. She also explained the process in details very easy to understand. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is in need for a good attorney or just some legal advice.
NINO K., Napa, California

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