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“It’s simple… when clients feel at ease, I understand their needs better and serve them best. Dealing with the death of loved ones, or tackling your own estate planning can be emotional and anxiety-producing. Consulting an attorney should not add to your stress! My clients will tell you that I’m patient and easy to talk to, and they often tell me how relieved they feel when they leave my office. Call me for your FREE consultation… it would be an honor to help you navigate through your legal issues.”
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Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of net worth, because estate planning includes much more than saving estate taxes. Protecting you if you become incapacitated is at the top of the list...

Trust Administration

With Nancy Rose Law PC, successor trustees can feel confident that they will receive the help they need with compassion and cost-consciousness...


Probate is complex, lengthy, and extremely detail-oriented. With Nancy Rose Law PC at the helm, clients can make the important decisions without feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
Napa California

Working with Your Lawyer Should DECREASE Your Stress

Dealing with money and death is challenging! That's why Nancy Rose Law PC strives every day to put clients at ease and DECREASE your stress.

Some of our North Star principles are:

We return your phone calls and email inquiries quickly. No one like to be left hanging!

We translate "legalese" into terms YOU understand. WE already understand what we're talking's our job to make sure YOU to understand it!

We listen patiently to your concerns. Some call it "hand-holding." We call it being kind, compassionate human beings!

Planning for Your Family or Finding Help for Your Parents

We can help you plan for your security and your legacy no matter what stage of life you are in.

And we can review your parents' planning to make sure everything is in place, or design an estate plan as needed.

If your parents have passed away, we can help you with all the ins and outs of transferring their property.

Kind and compassionate counsel for estate planning and administration serving all of Northern California

We are happy to speak with you about which course of action will serve your best interests.
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