"I really needed a lawyer who was on my side."

I was fortunate to find Nancy to take my probate case from 2 previous lawyers who were horrible and had little to zero knowledge of probate. I lost thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and gained two and half years of anxiety and stress before I finally found Nancy. Nancy expertly undertook my probate case battling with my nefarious relatives who had made false accusations and claims against me just for their financial gain after my father's passing. I really needed a lawyer who was on my side, understood my situation and could really fight for me. I found all these qualities in Nancy and I'm so thankful and blessed that I stumbled upon her advertisement on avvo.com and gave her a call. She was the kind of probate lawyer I needed from the beginning. She was always available to answer my questions, she thoroughly explained documents or anything about the case that I didn't understand, she swiftly brought my case to a close and most of all she was kind and never condescending. If you're looking for a great lawyer to work with, I highly recommend giving Nancy a call. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and how she handled everything.

– Olivia B., Napa, CA